Beginning to End: Successful Audio-Video Project Planning and Execution

July 15, 2018 by Hannah Evans

Anyone who “wears a hat” in project planning and execution knows that the adventure can sometimes take detours along the way. That’s why Ford AV has over 400 professionals to help keep your project on the road to success.

Plan Early
A “key” to a successful project is early planning and collaboration. A dedicated Ford design team can partner with your team − planning your solution and project to ensure you don’t get “stuck in the mud” along the way.

Good project management and installation keeps things running smooth at the job site. Ford professionals have decades of construction and technology experience to make sure every milestone is properly coordinated.

The End?
Bam! Your new AV system should impact your communications to your employees, vendors and customers. Continue on to see how other AV technology solutions have impacted organizations.

Technology Assurance
When you make a significant investment in new technology, it’s critical to have a plan for its continual performance. Ford’s commitment to customer satisfaction does not end with the commissioning of a system. Additional plans are available that include custom training programs, preventative maintenance and managed services.

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