Digital Solutions for a House of Worship: Inside West Angeles

October 15, 2018 by Hannah Evans

Located in a historic district of Los Angeles, the West Angeles Church of God recently upgraded their analog mixer to digital including two consoles for FOH and monitors, plus a broadcast console for their video production room.

The new digital system provides not only better quality sound, but also more reliability because it removed large amounts of wire and wire management.

Since this is a large venue with high-energy programs and dramatic presentations, they needed to have a front-of-house console to run the house and a monitor desk to run the stage.

They also need a production console to accommodate their recording and production needs, That means, for each system input from stage or rack (all mics, CD players, DVD players, etc.) had to be “split” into at least three discrete feeds and then each independent feed sent to their respective console locations.

The media selected for digital transport was fiber optic cable, which is less than half an inch in diameter and has the added benefit of minimizing the potential ground isolation issues and conduit space in general. The customer was astonished by the difference in sound once the analog splitters were replaced with the digital.

The consoles chosen by the customer were two Digico X-SD10 (FOH and monitors) and one Digico X-SD10B for production. There were MADI interfaces added at FOH and monitor to allow PC integration capture/playback and a ProTools system upgrade in the production studio.