Which wireless AV solution is right for you? Projection, tablets, microphones & signage

May 15, 2018 by Hannah Evans

Whether you are trying to hide cables or just don’t want to be tethered in one place, there are many wireless AV solutions that might be perfect for you. Here are a few the experts recommend.

Wireless Projection
While not common, some projection manufacturers have the ability to work wireless via a network connection. This allows a user to simply download a small app on their laptop and start displaying on the projector without a lot of other AV converters.

If you want to start a meeting quickly, then you don’t want to start fumbling for the right cable and input for your laptop or tablet. A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution can allow you to display and collaborate with other display devices with anyone engaged in the meeting.

Tablet Control
Do you need to walk around and still control the conference room AV, auditorium sound mix, lighting, shades, etc.? Many pieces of equipment or even integrated control systems have tablet control.

Conference Rooms Microphones
Do you have a fancy conference room table? No problem. Wireless conference room microphones have easy tap on/off with LED indicators, military compliant encryption security and the ability to be monitored and controlled over the network.

Digital Signage
Displays may be placed in large, public spaces that are not easy to access with AV or network cabling. However, AV wireless transmitters and receivers can be used to provide AV to displays that are hundreds of feet apart without cables

Stage Mics
The microphone may not look different, but new network enabled receivers can provide the sound operator the ability to control many functions of a wireless system over a network from anywhere, including monitoring the antenna performance to seeing interference and switching frequencies live.